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NYFW Details

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Showing at New York Fashion Week was a dream come true for Elizabeth Olaoye, creator and founder of Eliza.

“I had no idea how much life and energy surged in the fashion world across the pond,” she exclaims.

She was mesmerized at how easy it was to network and even meet your favorite celebrity in New York City.


“It’s given me an understated optimism that feels like I'm walking around with a good luck charm,” she says. “You never know what opportunity you're going to encounter next. She notes, in New York, you don’t have to be a notable designer to generate interest and support. She loved seeing the kind of support you can get from a stranger. They’ll tell you how talented they think you are and how much they like your work. Then they'll even post something positive about you on social media. “And it’s genuine, not fake or forced. I’m not saying everyone needs to be supportive, but I’d love to see more of this in the UK. We should all support one another, or at least try to,” she says. She felt like a star at NYFW. Like she had been showcasing there for years. She couldn’t believe how excited the models were to wear her clothes and walk for her. She believes she could reach out to every one of them and they would be happy to do it all over again.


“I’ve never felt that kind of energy at London Fashion Week. NYC had such a positive energy,” she says. “I never like to force things, I like it to come naturally, and I felt very welcomed.” The highlight of Elizabeth's trip was getting to meet her fashion idol, Zac Posen. Not only did she get to see him speak, but she also got to talk to him and get a picture with him. He even liked her Instagram post! It was inspiring for her to hear that he hasn’t shown at NYFW for two years. He’s interested in a more organic, natural and creative way of displaying his clothes. “I found that very interesting and it’s something I can relate to and believe in,” she explains.

“I like the fact that such a big label and successful brand wasn't happy with cliche runway pictures. What a lot of us smaller designers desire, was at the bottom of his list and something he was trying to steer away from,” she adds. Zac wasn’t the only person Elizabeth met on her trip. She says she met so many genuine, down to earth people. “They have shown me I’m not alone in my pursuit. Fashion can be a lonely world, and that's sometimes needed as a creator. But lately, I’ve learned (and trying to teach myself), I also need a team. I can’t do everything alone,” she says.


She’ll tell herself, “YES I CAN!” But then realizes, she can’t do everything well. People remind her of that: her friends, celebs like Zac, and models who are “so supportive and willing.” “The models inspired me because they weren't the cliche of what a 'model' should look like. They reminded me that I like and create real clothes for real women. And they were FIERCE and confident. That was super inspirational.”


New York inspired Elizabeth in so many ways, and she can’t wait put that inspiration into her work! 




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